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Pharma 4.0™: Extended reality shop floor guidance -

Increase shop floor performance and quality today by:


Change over time reduction



OptiworX is in use in several packaging and manufacturing lines at four sites of Vifor Pharma Group since January 2018. The intention is to drive efficiency and productivity.

quality & safety

Right first time


OptiworX supported the digitalization process of standardization in an isolator filling line for one of the world’s 20 leading pharmaceuticals companies headquartered in Germany.

operator training

3 month

Onboarding time reduction

OptiworX was implemented on a bottle packaging line (with small batches and many changeovers) at an Austrian plant of Fresenius Kabi. Process quality was improved, the onboarding of new employees encouraged as well as the facilitation of upskilling experienced staff. 

GxP is our DNA. We are the experts for regulated processes, with a key expertise in the pharma industry.

Using our unique, proprietary
multi-user and multi-device software, OptiworX,
we leverage the power of AR and automation 
to improve quality and productivity of Pharma processes within the strict framework of GMP regulations.

»Augmented reality -

not for technology’s but for business’ sake«

»Most pharma companies still struggle to show a real business impact from their Pharma 4.0™ digitalization activities. The Goodly System, OptiworX has been developed to provide a real impact supporting the workers and the underlying processes. Augmented Reality not for Technology’s sake but for Business’ Sake.«

Prof. Dr. Thomas Friedli

University St. Gallen, Production Management

»With all the information literally in your face - 

the OEE can only improve«

»Making business and quality processes easy to execute is the focus of OptiworX,
Goodly’s GXP compliant Augmented Reality technology.
With all the information literally in your face - the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)
can only improve.«

Darren Grant,

Accenture, Manufacturing System Project Manager

Evaluate and quantify the value of Augmented Reality 

in 12 weeks

Experience for yourself, the benefits that OptiworX can bring to your teams and processes.

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