process modeling
Flexible modeling of processes of high-complexity, common for such demanding and regulated industry

as pharma. In contrast to „on-site“ capturing of the process, which leads to fast but rigid „snapshot“ of the process.

OptiworX enables users to perform targeted modeling of process logic, process content and process context environment independently. This allows to add any needed variations of the process in a more flexible and controlled way.

Large scale
spatial mapping
OptiworX enables fast AR mapping of any environment (tested over 750m2 with high precision). 

With  Goodly’s unique proprietary

AR constructor it is possible to perform the holographic charting of the complete environment and achieve flexible editable, large scale AR setups. This allows to achieve true shared collaborative augmentation of the operating environment with the holographic process-relevant content in places where operator needs it.

multi-user operation
Concurrent multi-user operation allows for dynamic multi-user collaboration with no restriction regarding team size, schedule, device or other factors. OptiworX allows employees to join or drop out at any time. Team members can be more reliably and precisely integrated into a process, allowing for simple shift changes. 
multi-device operation
OptiworX supports a range of operator devices, where the portfolio of devices is driven by usability considerations and intent to address  individual user needs and different levels of job experience and background.

OptiworX can be used as a standalone, secure and completely autonomous solution. It can also be connected to allow for easy data exchange with other systems such as manufacturing execution systems (MES) for electronic batch record (EBR) creation.

Connected or 
standalone operation

While OptiworX allows for ever-increasing complexity of the processes, the software itself remains user-friendly, simple and fast to implement. Implementation can be done by Goody’s trained  engineers, one of our global Pharma experienced integration partners or by the customer. We offer training for self-reliant implementation of the System

Cost efficient and
rapid implementation
Audit log
OptiworX generates a full-scope audit log by logging, automatically and in real-time, every user administration, authentication and execution step during the runtime of the OptiworX Terminal app.
Access control
Essentials of data integrity and system access are ensured as an integral part of the GMP-compliant development of OptiworX.
Machine agnostic installation
OptiworX can be installed on equipment from a wide range of manufacturers and machine generations.

Supported Devices

OptiworX includes out-of-the-box support for a range of wearable, augmented reality, and mobile devices. We are committed to adding support for new devices and updates as they are introduced to the market so you are future-proofed and can take advantage without additional development burden.
Smart glasses


RealWear HMT-1

RealWear HMT-1/Z1

Mixed reality

Microsoft HoloLens 1

Microsoft HoloLens 2

Tablets and more

Android Tablets

Android Phones

iOS, WearOS and other on demand

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