the Augmented Reality Suite

The award-winning OptiworX® AR suite is a dynamic multi-user, multi-device, hands-free operations and instruction software system specifically designed to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry in moving towards digitization and Pharma 4.0™.

The Pharma 4.0™ digitization Suite

Supports machine format changes, line clearance, maintenance, and other processes on bio-pharma manufacturing and packaging lines and beyond. 

The OptiworX® Augmented Reality Suite offers:

Vendor independence

OptiworX® can be installed on equipment from a wide range of manufacturers and machine generations.


The systems supports a range of processes in the lab on on the shop floor, including all manufacturing, filling, primary and secondary packaging activities and processes.

Multi-user & Multi-device

The system allows dynamic team adjustments on the fly and mixed smart devices in a single process.


OptiworX® is a modular system that can be used both standalone as well as connected to existing systems (e.g. MES) with two-way data flow.


While OptiworX® allows for ever-increasing complexity of the processes, the software itself remains user-friendly, simple and fast to implement.


The OptiworX® product is developed in accordance to recognized pharma industry standards and processes.

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