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 The smarter process guidance suite

The award-winning OptiworX® AR suite is the patented dynamic multi-user, multi-device, hands-free process guidance system specifically designed to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry in moving towards digitalization and Pharma 4.0™.

The Pharma 4.0™ digitization suite

OptiworX provides, based on customer needs, the digital authoring and guidance product for manual processes in regulated industries to let user teams work fast and without errors.

The product is able to scale and integrate easily into different customers IT infrastructures.

True multi user collaboration

The system allows dynamic team adjustments on the fly, allowing teams to change the amount of participants at any time during the execution of a running process. This allows customers to freely add additional team members to an ongoing process like for example a format change or to do a easy shift hand over. No matter if from a single person to a coworker or between shifts with multiple people of any size. The system tracks everything automatically and creates a full audit trail to ensure a compliant documentation of any process.

Pharma specific workflows
The system has been developed since the beginning to be used in Pharma and Biopharma use cases. Features like 'Four-Eyes' Principle, tasks expands the range of use cases supported by OptiworX to the quality control methods. A four-eyes principle, also known as second person verification, a task needs to be completed by two different users. Detailed information is available in the audit trail or can be passed to an external system like an MES/EBR.
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Multimedia attachments

Multimedia Attachments is one of the features that enhances both user experience and performance for OptiworX users. In fact, human brain processes images orders of magnitude faster than text - adding additional visual help to a task will let the operator understand the instruction faster.

From training to guided operations
We are aware that the worforce using an advanced system can be very diverse. Not everyone has the same skill level and neither the same readiness level for advanced technology. Therefore, OptiworX users can choose flexibly the device that suits their needs and skill level. But in either way they can work focused comfortably and hands-free either using Voice or gesture interaction with the device. They can choose smartglasses or full augmented reality device and collaborates within a single complex process. We are additionally offering a gamifyed tutorial Apps to help users learn how to interact with the new AR technology in a stress free and fun way, in order to get comfortable and productive with the system.

Supported devices

OptiworX includes out-of-the-box support for a range of wearable, augmented reality, and mobile devices. We are committed to adding support for new devices and updates as they are introduced to the market so you are future-proofed and can take advantage without additional development burden.
Mixed reality

Microsoft HoloLens 2

Smart glasses


RealWear HMT-1, Navigator 500

OptiworX® offers you to
evaluate & quantify the value of AR process guidance:

Best practice workshop to: 

• Identify ideal processes &

  equipment to evaluate

• Define measurable criteria &

  evaluation method

• Finalize project plan,

  governance and timetable


Implementing processes:

• Necessary equipment

  provided preconfigured

• Transformation of processes

  into AR instruction by

  Goodly consultants

• Installation of the System on

  the line


Testing OptiworX 3 months​:

• Use of the Goodly AR solution

  in day-to-day operations

• Measure progress and results

• Regular project status


• Support service


Close out workshop:

• Evaluation of the results

• Calculation of the 

  business impact

• Final presentation and

  lessons learned


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