OptiworX® pilot offer

Evaluate & Quantify the Value of AR

process guidance in 12 weeks:



Best practice workshop to: 

• Identify ideal processes &

  equipment to evaluate

• Define measurable criteria &

  evaluation method

• Finalize project plan,

  governance and timetable


Implementing processes:

• Necessary equipment

  provided preconfigured

• Transformation of processes

  into AR instruction by

  Goodly consultants

• Installation of the System on

  the line


Testing OptiworX 3 months​:

• Use of the Goodly AR solution

  in day-to-day operations

• Measure progress and results

• Regular project status meetings

• Support service


Close out workshop:

• Evaluation of the results

• Calculation of the 

  business impact

• Final presentation and

  lessons learned

Interested in starting the process?