»We empower different types of workers in a way they could not imagine before«

Since early 2018 OptiworX is in use in several packaging and filling lines at two sites of Vifor Pharma Group, St. Gallen and Villars-sur-Glâne, to drive efficiency and productivity. Convinced by the solution they  implement the system globally now.


  • Increased speed - Change-over time-reduction by 40%

  • Higher precision

  • Learning time-reduction by 80%

  • Overall improved productivity by 50%

  • Global roll out in progress

OptiworX supported to digitize the  standardized processes in an isolator for one of the world’s 20 leading pharmaceuticals companies headquartered in Germany.


  • Quality-up of standard operating procedures (SOPs)

  • No process deviations

  • More security for any employee whether temporary worker or supervisor

OptiworX was implemented in 2019 in a bottle packaging line with many small batches and many change overs on the shop floor of Fresenius Kabi to improve process quality and encourage onboarding of new employees as well as upskilling of experienced staff. 


  • More than 50% acceleration in change-over time

  • Higher output - More batches done per day

  • Perfect for fast, precise and error free onboarding

  • Reduced time for supervision of lesser skilled employees

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