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Digital remote collaboration for the life science industries

RemoteX is a cloud-based, cross-device remote collaboration platform designed to lead the pharmaceutical industry towards digitalization and Pharma 4.0™.

The Pharma 4.0™ collaboration suite

RemoteX provides a flexible and easy-to-deploy cloud-based communication platform to connect your teams globally and collaborate quickly and securely.

The product is scalable and can be easily integrated into the IT infrastructures of any customer.

Connect and collaborate with your teams and partners anytime, anywhere

Bring your global teams and any number of experts together to solve problems and collaborate in real time.

Conferencing tools that overcome language barriers

- In line translation of chat messages to many international languages

- Live Video

- Screen sharing

- Annotate images with drawings and text

Remote audits and FATs

- Conduct remote Audits or FATs with case documentation.

- Add employees or customers to your cases at any time to work in dedicated projects.

- Temporarily invite clients, auditors or suppliers as guests.

- Create rich documentation including text, images and annotations.

RemoteX is currently not available.

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