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Aristo Pharma & Goodly partner to increase process efficiency

Aristo Pharma entered a partnership with Goodly Innovations to support Aristo Pharma’s mission of comprehensive customer service, quality in accordance with specifications and on-time delivery with innovative Augmented Reality (AR) technology for GMP environments. The agreement includes collaboration across multiple sites in Germany to increase packaging process efficiency with leading AR process guidance software OptiworX.

At Aristo Pharma, we continuously invest in optimizing our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to best serve our patients. Partnering with Goodly Innovations is an important step in the digital transformation of our operations.

- Dr. Guido Zimmermann, General Manager Aristo Pharma

About Aristo Pharma

Originating from the merger of various German medium-sized pharmaceutical companies, some with 110 years of experience, Aristo Pharma is committed to providing high-quality medicines on a readily available and affordable basis. The product range is focused on well-known original products alongside a wide selection of the most important substances in the generics market. In addition, Aristo Pharma offers a comprehensive range of herbal medicines, some of which have been proven for decades, as well as modern medical devices and other aids. Today, the Aristo Pharma Group comprises: 1 headquarters, 5 production sites, 1 logistics center and 13 sales locations.

About Goodly Innovations

Founded by industry experts, Goodly Innovations is a leading provider of enterprise-ready augmented reality (AR) process guidance solutions for life science companies. OptiworX, Goodly's collaborative multi user platform, is trusted by 6 of the global top 20 pharmaceutical manufacturers across multiple sites in 7 countries worldwide to optimize their complex operations.


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