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Goodly recognized as global top 10 Pharma Industry Innovator

Based on an analysis of 1.700+ global startups & scaleups impacting the Pharma industry in 2020 & beyond Goodly Innovations was selected as a global top 10 Innovator. Goodly is the only Augmented Reality supplier among the top 10.

Covering more than 1.379.000 global startups & scaleups, StartUS Insights identified innovative applications and solutions that will impact Pharma in 2020 and beyond. Their

innovation analysts conducted exhaustive data-driven research to identify the various innovation trends emerging in the Pharma sector. For this report, 1.745 startups and scaleups in this sector were analyzed.

Goodly is proud to be recognized as the top AR solution among the Top 10 Pharma trends. This is only possible thanks to our passionate and brilliant international team at Goodly.


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