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Goodly @ 5-HT Innovators Club Event

November 30 - December 2, 2022 | Mannheim, Germany

We had the pleasure to attend and participate in the second edition event of the 5-HT Innovators Club. A complete three-day event that brought start-ups and traditional pharma and chemical companies together in a truly collaborative and innovative environment.

It was great to spend these days with so many smart people with the innovative challenge workshops hosted by Lilly Deutschland GmbH / Eli Lilly and Company, BI X GmbH (the digital lab of Boehringer Ingelheim, BASF and FUCHS Group. The workshops and the results were very interesting and inspiring.

It was fantastic to collaborate with everyone on innovative topics like enabling sustainability by digitalization, cooperation between agile start-ups and traditional healthcare companies, co-developing the right solutions and upskilling employees.

Thank you, 5-HT Digital Hub for such a well-organized innovation event.

Photos: 5-HT Digital Hub


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