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Microsoft's HoloLens in Pharma and Life Science

September 2022 | Frankfurt, Germany

At Microsoft's "HoloLens in Pharma and Life Science" event in Frankfurt, hosted by VR Business Club, Goodly Innovation stayed true to its name and presented an innovative solution that has the potential for pharmaceutical companies to use HoloLenses in cleanroom environments.

To kick off the evening, Mariano Mailos and Florian Thurnwald from Microsoft gave a great talk about the accelerating adaptation of HoloLens technology. Robert Hoffmeister then took the stage with experts from Takeda, Boehringer Ingelheim, and NNIT to discuss real use cases in the pharmaceutical industry, the benefits, business cases and potential challenges.

On stage discussion with Enxhi Gjini, Kasper Kronmann Nielsen, David Stockmann and Robert Hoffmeister.

Of course, a decision about using devices in cleanrooms is ultimately up to each company and the QA department, but the hardware extension presented has certainly attracted a lot of interest and has already been requested for evaluation by several pharmaceutical companies across Europe.

The combination of Microsoft's industrial HoloLens Edition with this patented solution is the first way to take HoloLens 2 deployment to the next level.

Kasper Kronmann Nielsen wearing HoloLens 2 with Goodly's cleanroom head cover

Goodly offers OptiworX, a unique AR team process guidance and documentation solution designed specifically for regulated processes. Typical applications range from complex filling and packaging line changeovers or line clearance procedures to critical bioreactor setup instructions, lab processes and more.

Until now, pharmaceutical companies have struggled to implement an AR solution in cleanrooms due to hardware limitations. This gap has led Goodly to develop this innovative product. 

Many thanks to Microsoft for providing us with the platform for the presentation and for showing the solution in the Microsoft HoloLens Showroom in Germany soon.


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