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Goodly @ Pharma MES 2021

26-28 September 2021 | Berlin, Germany

The leading Pharma MES event brings together more than 150 top MES, manufacturing IT, and operations experts from the biopharma industry. In this event the experts discussed MES implementation, paperless manufacturing, and operational intelligence.

Robert Hoffmeister, Founder and CEO, conducted a Techtake about how to connect the manual shopfloor through smart process guidance with your MES.

"How integrating manual processes with your MES using smart process guidance can lift your MES to the next level. Over 20 % of problems on the shop floor are caused by human error and another 15% by weak training. Seamless paperless integration of a connected work instruction and guidance system into your MES Systems can virtually eliminate these errors and at the same time integrate the data created by manual process into your MES/EBR."

We showcased “OptiworX Connected” a two-way communication between MES and our unique smart AR team guidance system for GxP processes, OptiworX, for paperless team instructions and paperless documentation.

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