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Goodly Releases OptiworX 1.7

Improved User Experience & more GMP features!

With the latest release of its award-winning solution OptiworX, Goodly Innovations continues to improve the capabilities of employee onboarding, process digitalization & technology adoption.

Employee Onboarding

With the addition of multimedia attachments, OptiworX improves its applicability for the on-boarding of employees to new processes. In the past OptiworX was able to demonstrate that capability extensively, with the new capability to attach different types of media to tasks, Goodly strives to to make information even more accessible for all operators.

Process Digitalization

With the introduction of 2-person verification workflows, this release makes OptiworX the first AR and smart device process guidance system to enable restrictive 2-person verification and its automatic documentation. With this, Goodly is opening a whole new set of use-cases in the GxP areas that require such a behaviour.

To further boost the digitalization of processes, a new app called "Process Assistant was released. This lightweight application allows any user without programming skills to quickly create new procedures or edit procedures previously created for OptiworX.

Technology Adoption

In the many AR projects that Goodly has delivered for pharmaceutical companies, one finding stands out clearly: the success for such a project highly depends on the regular adoption of the AR guidance system. Highly immersive glasses like HoloLens create a barrier to adoption by introducing new ways of interaction.

With the introduction of Goodly's gamified Tutorial App, the company provides now a great tool for teaching HoloLens interactions in a playful way that allows users of any skill level to take away barriers & fears of interacting with the new technology.


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