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Goodly Releases OptiworX 1.6

More powerful process modeling and improved hologram interaction

Whether it is a product changeover or line clearance or any other process, the daily tasks in a pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging environments have one thing in common - they represent complex business processes with multiple workers, roles, inputs, outputs and steps required to consistently meet a pharmaceutical manufacturer's quality standards as well as regulatory requirements.

Goodly Innovations is pleased to announce the release of version 1.6.1 of OptiworX, which significantly improves process modeling capabilities. This improvement has been achieved in particular through the implementation of a new modeling core framework that allows for the targeted independent design of process logic (activities, conditions, order), process content (format/SKU settings and other process parameters) and the process context environment (machine-specific data). This not only expands the range of supported complex processes, but also allows different levels of configurability to be included without sacrificing the intrinsic complexity or quality of the business processes. Customizable task workflows, parameter declaration, process decisions are some of the new features that can best support pharmaceutical lean practices, core quality processes and a scalable SKU portfolio with smaller batches.

As part of the new release, users will notice several usability improvements thanks to the new interaction methods introduced with the OptiworX Hololens 2 application. More natural and intuitive interactions with AR content will contribute to a smoother user experience and a steeper adoption curve among new users.

Contact us for a detailed description of what's included in the new version and for a live product demo!


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