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Goodly Releases OptiworX

Accelerated performance and better user experience when navigating through procedure

Line operators, who are sufficiently skilled, and whose process is designed into a sequence of tasks, can very much benefit from the reduced amount of interaction with the software when navigating through the procedure.

Goodly Innovations is pleased to announce release OptiworX version, that ensures smoother and more accelerated operator performance by automatically proceeding to the next task. This new feature comes in especially handy during execution of lengthy and/or complex procedures, containing many tasks that must be performed one after another - rather common to pharmaceutical processes. The new 'Auto-Select' mode of operation can be enabled or disabled by default, and user can turn it on or off with help of a new UI toggle available inside the runtime settings menus of the supported mobile devices.

As part of the new release, users will also notice improvements in usability for the OptiworX HoloLens 2 app when navigating through procedure in areas with dense holographic layout. In cases such as, for example, when there is more than one task located on the same spot, multiple tasks located on the same or closely lying spots, or reviewing the series of complete tasks - holograms will be automatically repositioned making their visibility and interaction no longer impaired for the user.

Get in touch to receive a detailed description of what has been included in the new release and to get a live product demo!


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